Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the day we visited with the goats..oh!...and a baby deer!

last Saturday we went to a GOAT FARM in the mountains near Jasper, Ga.....yeah, we are classy like that!  actually, Larry and i used to raise a few goats...we raised them for the milk, since both Heidi and Peter had milk allergies as babies and children
...goats are sweet, gentle animals...mostly anyway...we have fond memories of our goats...i even "HAND" delivered a baby goat and saved it's life...and possibly the mother's life...seriously i did...i delivered it VET style..with my hand..up the mother goat's...(you know what)....i PULLED the baby goat out...i think i have told this story somewhere..either blog or Facebook...

we had discovered this goat farm and went to their website..(i will edit and put it in here as soon as i can find it) looked wonderful and we really wanted to take the g-kiddos....
it was a great day..the farm was had a beautiful lake...
  the HIGHLIGHT for me was the added bonus of a baby deer who had been "dropped" off on the farm after finding the mother deer dead on the road...this darling little baby deer was right at home with the goats...and she was SO SO darling!...i truly wanted to take her home!...oh my goodness!...the owner of the farm said the deer is free to roam and will probably jump the fences and go back to the wild when it is ready...i want to see if that was so tame and endearing...the kids were kissing came up to me and tilted it's head for some attention...i didn't KISS it...but i sure did HUG it....i loved the experience! are some pics that capture the day...just for your information...we were nasty dirty when we left!....(and we probably had a few smells circling us too -wink*)

we were jumping

we were swinging

it was a great day!

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