Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the day we visited with the goats..oh!...and a baby deer!

last Saturday we went to a GOAT FARM in the mountains near Jasper, Ga.....yeah, we are classy like that!  actually, Larry and i used to raise a few goats...we raised them for the milk, since both Heidi and Peter had milk allergies as babies and children
...goats are sweet, gentle animals...mostly anyway...we have fond memories of our goats...i even "HAND" delivered a baby goat and saved it's life...and possibly the mother's life...seriously i did...i delivered it VET style..with my hand..up the mother goat's...(you know what)....i PULLED the baby goat out...i think i have told this story somewhere..either blog or Facebook...

we had discovered this goat farm and went to their website..(i will edit and put it in here as soon as i can find it) looked wonderful and we really wanted to take the g-kiddos....
it was a great day..the farm was had a beautiful lake...
  the HIGHLIGHT for me was the added bonus of a baby deer who had been "dropped" off on the farm after finding the mother deer dead on the road...this darling little baby deer was right at home with the goats...and she was SO SO darling!...i truly wanted to take her home!...oh my goodness!...the owner of the farm said the deer is free to roam and will probably jump the fences and go back to the wild when it is ready...i want to see if that was so tame and endearing...the kids were kissing came up to me and tilted it's head for some attention...i didn't KISS it...but i sure did HUG it....i loved the experience! are some pics that capture the day...just for your information...we were nasty dirty when we left!....(and we probably had a few smells circling us too -wink*)

we were jumping

we were swinging

it was a great day!

Friday, August 20, 2010

gettin the kids up on the wall again

so...i know for sure i would get a prize for procrastination...ugh..i hate plagues haunts is disgusting..and STILL..i do it...
i finally got one little thing done that has been on the P list...i got those photos up from Christmas 2009...i mean, really..i thought i better hurry...especially since the kids have already changed from that over a year ago photo!...(d'ya think?)...i ask myself....
so , here they in my little living room  watching over their Nana/NeeNee/PapPap...and we, adoringly looking at their little darling faces!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

update on the summer greenery

do you remember quite a few posts ago when i showed you my new spring plantings???...i fully expected to update you on the beyond luscious and wild growings of those spring plants...and in case you haven't guessed it already..there is NOTHING to show you...this has been the worst summer for the front of our bad, you ask? bad..i will not even waste the time taking a picture...seriously...what a all started when a stinkin rabbit started munching on each and every flower out there...and it all went downhill after am ready to rip it all out and throw down some new mulch and call it a rap...i "might" put out winter pansies...but as of today...i feel quite DONE with the whole thing..
NOW...i do have a few nice growings on the back patio...i have showcased them here for you...

what's that you ask?....well..this little ivy is in a plastic gallon container that i borrowed from my neighbor last year...before i returned it, of course i thought i should wash OF COURSE i put it in my dishwasher...who wouldn't???....when i went to put the dishes away...her poor little cheap container had melted down into a little squished mess...thankfully she didn't mind..and one day she brought it back to me with this little ivy planted in it...and that sweet plant has been thriving ever since!

...and yes...this is Easter Grass!...well, at least it is what i call it..cuz for the life of me i cannot remember the actual name of the plant...i bought it around Easter time this had tall, single stemmed clover -like blooms...i absolutely loved it! one point i thought i for sure had killed it..i tried transplanting it and it wilted all over the place and i did not expect it to make it...but after a couple weeks it started behaving itself! i transplanted it again into this hanging pot...and it has thrived this summer!  it has even had a half dozen blooms!...not sure what to do with it when the temps drop...hey!...anyone know what it is?  i like it cuz it reminds me of "real" IOWA grass...instead of the grass here in GA...which is curly and i guess you might say...i have a pot of REAL grass...
and there you have it...the extent of my green thumb...unfortunately my GREEN thumb is getting very faded...i used to be able to keep up with the best of them...not so much now...
...guess i will blame this horrid red clay dirt here in GA...k?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Tomato Tip


i needed a quicky little gifty today...and packaged up another little bag of clozepinnies..i adorned the header with one of my newfound favey thing to do...homemade paper flowers..and VOILA!...taaaa daaaaa....i wrote a little personal note on the back of this double sided paper so it is beeeee uuuuu  teeeeeeee fulllll on both sides...stapled the header into place...and gifty...DUN....of course...i had the clozepinnies done beforehand...(that always helps in the speed process..duh)....they can be used for bag clips or for anything involving CLIPPING...(another duh).......also...magnets can be glued on the back and they can be used on the fridge or any magnetic surface to hold "stuff"...(DUH)......anyway...that's it for today
i mean...taaaa...duh!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

W.O.W. lookie at this ORGANIZED, VINTAGE studio!

hey peeps! gotta check this out....oh my word!...i am so "in heart" with this room..on SO many levels!!!
check out her organization...
ya know..
some of us "got it" and well,.....
some of us "don't"...
unfortunately i am in the latter category...
(another sigh)

Monday, August 16, 2010

i la la la LOVE this!

i "stumbled" upon this great Etsy seller...and when i say stumbled...that is really what i do, most of the time...i do have several favorites that i have inserted into my "daily check" folder...they are just "too" good to pass up...even tho i really don't have time to daily check every one of them, since i seem to be expanding that particular folder all the time....i have a tendency to do that...and almost always everyone seems to be "my fave"......and then i have to clean it all out, eventually...but mostly my folders on my computer look rather like my studio...chaotic, full, unorganized and out of control...yeah...that's pretty much how i feel most of the time too...i am organizedly challenged and if there was a medication for such a thing i surely would be first in line for it!
anyway...i found out this gal lives in her stuff is A-dorable to the M.A. her style all the way...and of course you KNOW i love anything vintage...i am quite shocked to see how vintage has hit the BIG is everywere now...i actually am really loving that!!!  i also LOVE it that "re-purposing" is really the "in" thing too...i think it is a marvelous and wonderful idea...which has been around for a long time, trust me...i have been doing it for a long long time...not becuz it's cool, but becuz it saves money...(it has always been "cool" to me)..........but i am really glad it is getting a good "rap" for now!!!!........i am just waiting for my dream "farmhouse" to come along to really let my imagination go!....hmmm....oh...and also my little piece of farmland to come along so i can build that chicken house i have previously talked about...and have a garden...and have a pig or two...and maybe a cow...and maybe...????????
ok...dream's over for today...who would have ever thought i would be dreaming of returning to a farm?
....certainly not me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

this could make me a Goodwill shopper!

hey!....i "stumbled" upon this WONDERFUL blog...and right out of the box saw this great project...NOW...if you saw this kitchen cart for SEVEN DOLLARS at your Goodwill store...would YOU buy it????.....ummmmmmmmmm....hellllllooooooo?????.....i wouldn't think TWICE!!!...even if i had only seven dollars to my name!...(well...i "might" think twice...THEN DO IT)...........what an adorable solution!!!...this is the truth...i have always wanted a kitchen, rolling cart...and i am NOT kidding....i have never, ever seen one this cute for so little money...ok...i am on the prowl now!

from this:
to this!!!!..

FABULOUS, huh????......what is YOUR best bargain??....hey...that is a good idea for one of my next blogs!!!...i have some GREAT best bargains i could share too!!!

Orangutan and the Hound

you have to watch this heart warming video!....

Orangutan and the Hound

Saturday, August 7, 2010

my dream of chickens and chicken houses

that's right...i sometimes dream of having chickens...wouldn't it be delightful to have fresh eggs right in your back yard????....i mean..not a TON of chickens...just a know...CUTE chickens...and if i had cute chickens...i would like to have a CUTE chicken house...and oh my word alive...this is the stinkinest, cutest ,chicken house i have EVER seen! must visit this blog and drool over her beyond fabulous photography, not to mention her darling little french chickens...(i think they're french, anyway) she knows how to build a fabulous chicken house!!!....
if hubs and i ever get to fulfill our dream of getting a little peice of land in the country...i promise you he will be building me this chicken house...!!!!  (wink*)

Friday, August 6, 2010

the holy sigh

the following devotion by Max Lucado resonates deeply with me today..i just had to share it...i have recently had something happen to me that has shook the very foundation of my soul...i have had to face a reality that hurts more than i can put into words..i have cried bitter and distraught tears ...and now i am just SIGHING...a LOT...and sighing some more...trying to face this thing like a "BIG GIRL"...trying to accept it....trying to be Godly through it....but it's not easy...and it hurts me more and i sigh some more...and sometimes i still cry some more too....

When God Sighed

by Max Lucado

Two days ago I read a word in the Bible that has since taken up residence in my heart.

To be honest, I didn't quite know what to do with it. It's only one word, and not a very big one at that. When I ran across the word, (which, by the way, is exactly what happened; I was running through the passage and this word came out of nowhere and bounced me like a speed bump) I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't have any hook to hang it on or category to file it under.

It was an enigmatic word in an enigmatic passage. But now, forty-eight hours later, I have found a place for it, a place all its own. My, what a word it is. Don't read it unless you don't mind changing your mind, because this little word might move your spiritual furniture around a bit.

Look at the passage with me.

Then Jesus left the vicinity of Tyre and went through Sidon, down to the Sea of Galilee and into the region of the Decapolis. There some people brought a man to him who was deaf and could hardly talk, and they begged him to place his hand on the man.

After he took him aside, away from the crowd, Jesus put his fingers into the man's ears. Then he spit and touched the man's tongue. He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him,"Ephphatha!" (which means, "Be opened!"). At this, the man's ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he began to speak plainly. (Mark 7:31-35)

Quite a passage, isn't it?

Jesus is presented with a man who is deaf and has a speech impediment. Perhaps he stammered. Maybe he spoke with a lisp. Perhaps, because of his deafness, he never learned to articulate words properly.

Jesus, refusing to exploit the situation, took the man aside. He looked him in the face. Knowing it would be useless to talk, he explained what he was about to do through gestures. He spat and touched the man's tongue, telling him that whatever restricted his speech was about to be removed. He touched his ears. They, for the first time, were about to hear.

But before the man said a word or heard a sound, Jesus did something I never would have anticipated.

He sighed.

I might have expected a clap or a song or a prayer. Even a "Hallelujah!" or a brief lesson might have been appropriate. But the Son of God did none of these. Instead, he paused, looked into heaven, and sighed. From the depths of his being came a rush of emotion that said more than words.

Sigh. The word seemed out of place.

I'd never thought of God as one who sighs. I'd thought of God as one who commands. I'd thought of God as one who weeps. I'd thought of God as one who called forth the dead with a command or created the universe with a word ... but a God who sighs?

Perhaps this phrase caught my eye because I do my share of sighing.

I sighed yesterday when I visited a lady whose invalid husband had deteriorated so much he didn't recognize me. He thought I was trying to sell him something.

I sighed when the dirty-faced, scantily dressed, six-year-old girl in the grocery store asked me for some change.

And I sighed today listening to a husband tell how his wife won't forgive him.

No doubt you've done your share of sighing.

If you have teenagers, you've probably sighed. If you've tried to resist temptation, you've probably sighed. If you've had your motives questioned or your best acts of love rejected, you have been forced to take a deep breath and let escape a painful sigh.

I realize there exists a sigh of relief, a sigh of expectancy, and even a sigh of joy. But that isn't the sigh described in Mark 7. The sigh described is a hybrid of frustration and sadness. It lies somewhere between a fit of anger and a burst of tears.

The apostle Paul spoke of this sighing. Twice he said that Christians will sigh as long as we are on earth and long for heaven. The creation sighs as if she were giving birth. Even the Spirit sighs as he interprets our prayers. (Romans 8:22-27)

All these sighs come from the same anxiety; a recognition of pain that was never intended, or of hope deferred.

Man was not created to be separated from his creator; hence he sighs, longing for home. The creation was never intended to be inhabited by evil; hence she sighs, yearning for the Garden. And conversations with God were never intended to depend on a translator; hence the Spirit groans on our behalf, looking to a day when humans will see God face to face.

And when Jesus looked into the eyes of Satan's victim, the only appropriate thing to do was sigh. "It was never intended to be this way," the sigh said. "Your ears weren't made to be deaf, your tongue wasn't made to stumble." The imbalance of it all caused the Master to languish.

So, I found a place for the word. You might think it strange, but I placed it beside the word comfort, for in an indirect way, God's pain is our comfort.

And in the agony of Jesus lies our hope. Had he not sighed, had he not felt the burden for what was not intended, we would be in a pitiful condition. Had he simply chalked it all up to the inevitable or washed his hands of the whole stinking mess, what hope would we have?

But he didn't. That holy sigh assures us that God still groans for his people. He groans for the day when all sighs will cease, when what was intended to be will be.

From God Came Near: Chronicles of the Christ

Copyright (Thomas Nelson, 1999) Max Lucado

Thursday, August 5, 2010

oh be still, my heart

oh my goodness....i stumbled upon this posting from urban farmgirl...(a FAVE for sure)....and my heart wants to is jumping...i am sooooo homesick for a good flea market...i have not been to one for so long...and if i had been to this one...and if i had seen this ALL WHITE booth...well...i probably would have had to breathe into a brown paper bag...just looking at it on my computer almost neccesitates it anyway!...i am so glad i can live in a computer world of "pretend"...aren't i pathetic????????????

dreamin' of Fall....(yall)...just couldn't resist

this is a picture of Susan Branch's stovetop...SO cute!...i heart her stove!!!!!!!!

 i am dreaming of heard me...FALL...and i have to tell is wonderful, here in North Georgia...i am sick of the heat, ready for cool nights, sweaters, and candles...and soup...i am good for about 2 months or less of summer...and that's about it...and to tell you the truth...please don't judge me...i could do without summer altogether!...i would be JUST fine with 3 seasons...Spring, Fall, Winter....Spring, Fall, Winter....that's what i'm talkin' about!.......
Susan Branch dreams of FALL too..enjoy her fabulous blog..and dream with her!

Piece Of Our Heart

This is a picture of our baby daughter, Hannah and her husband, Josh.  They have started the journey of adoption...please follow her blog and their journey.  We are so very proud of them and cannot wait to love those baby Bickfords, wherever they may be!

school starts for the grands

here are my 4 sweet darlins on their first day of school this week...can you believe it? is so stinkin HOT here in the big ATL.....ugh...but they sure do register on the CUTE thermometer, huh????