Thursday, August 19, 2010

update on the summer greenery

do you remember quite a few posts ago when i showed you my new spring plantings???...i fully expected to update you on the beyond luscious and wild growings of those spring plants...and in case you haven't guessed it already..there is NOTHING to show you...this has been the worst summer for the front of our bad, you ask? bad..i will not even waste the time taking a picture...seriously...what a all started when a stinkin rabbit started munching on each and every flower out there...and it all went downhill after am ready to rip it all out and throw down some new mulch and call it a rap...i "might" put out winter pansies...but as of today...i feel quite DONE with the whole thing..
NOW...i do have a few nice growings on the back patio...i have showcased them here for you...

what's that you ask?....well..this little ivy is in a plastic gallon container that i borrowed from my neighbor last year...before i returned it, of course i thought i should wash OF COURSE i put it in my dishwasher...who wouldn't???....when i went to put the dishes away...her poor little cheap container had melted down into a little squished mess...thankfully she didn't mind..and one day she brought it back to me with this little ivy planted in it...and that sweet plant has been thriving ever since!

...and yes...this is Easter Grass!...well, at least it is what i call it..cuz for the life of me i cannot remember the actual name of the plant...i bought it around Easter time this had tall, single stemmed clover -like blooms...i absolutely loved it! one point i thought i for sure had killed it..i tried transplanting it and it wilted all over the place and i did not expect it to make it...but after a couple weeks it started behaving itself! i transplanted it again into this hanging pot...and it has thrived this summer!  it has even had a half dozen blooms!...not sure what to do with it when the temps drop...hey!...anyone know what it is?  i like it cuz it reminds me of "real" IOWA grass...instead of the grass here in GA...which is curly and i guess you might say...i have a pot of REAL grass...
and there you have it...the extent of my green thumb...unfortunately my GREEN thumb is getting very faded...i used to be able to keep up with the best of them...not so much now...
...guess i will blame this horrid red clay dirt here in GA...k?

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  1. And beautiful pics to boot! My tomato plant died from lack of water and me being at work too much! I should be banned from gardening! :(