Monday, May 31, 2010


well...i've gone and dun it agin....i have messed my blog up!....dagnabbit!!!.....i was trying to give it a know me...i get bored fast and easy...and i guess i just don't know what i'm a doin!...yeah, i know, i know...yall could have told me that a long time ago....oh...i had such a cute idea planned....drat!...don't know how i to git outta this wun...i need professional help...i'm just a wunderin why i am talkin redneck right now???....cuz i am feelin SO STUPID....well...gotta run fer now...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day musings


 "Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while serving in the American military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades."

i have always loved the Memorial Day of my favorite things to do as a child was to go to the gravesites of my family members with my Mom and decorate the graves with flowers.  as a child we always planted live plants carefully beside each grave in a designated spot...i was enthralled with we would walk to each gravestone, my Mom would tell me little stories about each of my relatives...i ate that up!!!...i also would wander off on my own and read the words on the markers..often finding babies or small children...and even at a young age i was heartbroken and complexed over the death of small children...i guess i took it for granted that OLD people do die...but in my mind YOUNG people should i took in those graves somberly and with great pondering...
nowadays....i guess it is a bit disappointng to me...they mostly put out PLASTIC and SILK flowers...only to re-gather them in about 10 days because the caretakers of the cemetary demand so.....and then use them again next, i know it is different in different parts of the country...i actually don't think that is the case here, in the ATL area......i see graves decorated year round, tho i mostly see FAKE least they are decorated, and i appreciate that...but i just really have a problem with using them again, year after year...for sort of takes the respect out...and using fake...REALLY drives me crazy...but i am SO glad i have my childhood memories and they certainly were DEAR!
even as an adult if by chance i am with my Mom  (which is rare)....i still enjoy the cemetary trips, the stories, the tidbits of family oddities and the peacefulness i find in those cemetaries...i think the trees are taller, the birds chirp louder and the air smells cleaner in a least that is my MEMORY....thanks Mom for the gifts of time and talking and sharing you have given to me...wish we could have MORE
i also think of Larry's Mom, who passed away last year...oh how we miss her!...she is in a wonderful, family-filled cemetary as well...but somehow it seems sad that her body is there...even tho that cemetary is peaceful and beautiful too...we have had to constantly remind ourselves that SHE is not there, only her body!...for she is rejoicing in Heaven with her Heavenly Father!....the story starts changing when it is your OWN family passing away...seeing parents go...this is a new chapter of our lives...and quite frankly i don't LIKE it.....i am dreading the ongoing of it as we see the mortality of our own parents... it is a time we have to lean heavily on the Lord and His Wisdom!...
ok...well...i feel this got a little"heavier" than i with THAT...i am going to STOP!...
but not without remembering MANY a wonderful picnic on Memorial Day weekend as well!!  ...and also being so very grateful for the men and women who served and gave their lives for our freedoms!  i pray our freedoms will continue and our country will stay strong...but i FEAR it will not if the state of affairs happening in our land NOW do not reverse...we need to PRAY...we need to TURN FROM WICKEDNESS....our nation is in great peril...
we need to HUMBLE ourselves.....
with that...i'm outta here...

after posting the above...i read Our Daily Bread was SO fitting...i just had to copy and paste...


May 28, 2010Our Times— His Hands

READ: Psalm 31:1-16

“You are my God.” My times are in Your hand. —Psalm 31:14-15

In a message to the 2002 graduates of Cedarville University, Dr. Paul Dixon encouraged them with these words: “Your times are in God’s hands.” Our family listened and thought it was appropriate for the graduates, which included our daughter Julie.

We had no idea that in 5 days our 17-year-old Melissa would graduate to heaven through a car accident—and we would be left to recall with new meaning that thought from Psalm 31:15.

Over the years, we have become painfully aware that in God’s mysterious ways, He has planned for some Christians a life that is short. I think of one young Christian girl, the kind with a smile for everyone, who had a sore finger—and a week later was dead from a raging infection. Or the young believer who was killed while playing softball when a ball hit her in the neck. Or the teen boy who loved Jesus and fishing—and died when a car hit him as he rode his bike home from the fishing hole. Melissa, Heather, Maggie, and Thomas. In their short lives, they created a legacy of faith in Jesus and love for others. They were ready when His time for them had come.

“I trust in You,” the psalmist said, recognizing that his life was in God’s hands alone (vv.14-15). Are you trusting God for whatever comes next on your calendar? —Dave Branon

Sovereign Ruler of the skies,

Ever gracious, ever wise,

All my times are in Your hand,

All events at Your command. —Ryland

Our times are in God’s hands; our souls are in His keeping.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a delightful blog designer!

you MUST check out this designer...she designs FREE blog designs...i "may" have to give mine a facelift!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

busy days/bragging rights

well, we've had some busy days....our neice, Emily Hixson Miller and her hubs, Jeff and darling kiddos, Brayden and Mya were here for the weekend...they "got" to participate in Carter's end of the season baseball games...he went to the championship as, took a lot of time away from other activities planned...we still enjoyed each other at the ball field!......well...most of the time..........the weather was hot and muggy and almost dripping rain it was so humid...but besides was fun!
Carter made some astounding plays, especially the last 3 games of the, he has really stepped up his game...we were so proud of him!...of course we have NO problem making utter fools of ourselves...well, i SHOULD say I have no problem making a fool of myself over him!!.....i still can't figure out why everyone turned around and stared at me when i kept screaming shouting ..."Carter, YOU ROCK"!......and he did....he made 2 in the park homeruns...each in the 2 last games!...well, here are the pics...of course you KNOW there are pics!!! 

Carter!  YOU ROCK!

here he is, accepting his championship trophy!
Hope couldn't wait to congratulate Carter!
here are the cuzzies...minus the camera shy Bray
...and there you have it...another day in the life of a ball's been a good day in the neighborhood...trophy in one hand...cousin in the other...ahhh...these are the good times....

Monday, May 24, 2010

empty frames have to see this:

if you know me at all, or have seen pics of certain parts of my house, or just know how "out of the box" i like to be...then you know i LOVE this empty frame art!!!!.....i love each one of these ideas!...especially the Christmas bobbles hanging in the frame!!!  woohoo....try it, you might like it...too

Friday, May 21, 2010

twice in a day

here i am...blogging twice in one that is a record!...i just wanted to post some pics of my front door plantings for the season...i like to doc how they start helps me to know how much they know, it records the PROGRESS...or, in most some cases the LACK of progress....i am determined to really "baby" my flowers this summer...i want them to STUN the neighborhood! know...i like to show off  display nature's beauty!
oh!... and my front door...i had a sickly little wreath up there and just HAD to chuck that thing...i sure didn't want to BUY i remembered i had this tin hanger/holder ...but it had seen many a summer's sun and was faded and i found some left over pink spray paint and and sprayed it...then highlighted the embossing with a whitewash....i found greens in my "stash".......and decided to go green...and let the REAL flowers be the show!....i love re-purposing junk treasures!!!

it's about time

howdy hey......every day i say to myself...i'm gonna blog today......and i get into FB and before you know it...i don't feel like blogging or even using the computer any more...and another day DAYS week  weeks go by!...i'm tellin ya...FB has ruined me!  i said it once and i'll say it again...FB has ruined me!
i don't have anything in particular to rant talk about today....but i do have an urgent feeling to share with yall some pics of the little lovies of my life...the 4 monkeys grandchildren...just a random selection...just enuf to make SURE you realize how stinking cute they case you have any slight doubt of THAT....which, as i think about it is virtually impossible anyway...
...and oh yes...i JUST realized that i have the LINE THRU THE TEXT  button on my bar of me while i celebrate the usage of it for forever today!
well, there you have it...a RANDOM choosing of pics...some very recent, some not...some from my camera...most NOT...but you have to admit they all are cute ADORABLE!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iowa trip, part 2

i failed to mention in part 1 that we also visited with our wonderful and dear friends , the Jorgensen's, while in DesMoines...unfortunately i did not have my camera out...thus NO pics...bad me, bad me....AND...i got a couple hours over coffee with Pat Stafford, again...NO pics....i just wasn't thinking blog at the time...but we certainly had wonderful fellowship and enjoyed laughs, as know me...if laughing's not involved...well...just forget it...know what i mean, jelly bean????
so after leaving DM we made the trek to my hometown of Forest City, Iowa!...where Winnebago trailers etc. are made!...i guess that is our town's claim to fame!!!

on our way to FC we see lots of these wind turbines...they dot the countryside along the way, right into my hometown...i love them!

before we left we had received the news of my Mom's brother, Dean Krieger passing i was thankful to be able to be with my mom and family at this time of grief....and it was wonderful to see relatives and friends that perhaps i would not have been able to, otherwise...we know Uncle Dean is with Jesus now, away from pain, sorrow and disease!

Deb and cousins..Uncle Dean's children

Uncle Dean's oldest son, David and my cousin Vance Knutson

it was a military funeral...i think the moment that was the most touching at the gravesite was when the bugle was playing and my cousin Vance saluted...i started crying

we had a busy week with Mom and day we visited a robotic dairy farm!!!  it was amazing! YOU might not think so, if you have had no particular interest in COWS...but i was raised on a dairy farm and Larry was as well...he found it to be a wonderful experience!  below are some of the pictures!...the cows are trained to go to the milking stall when they feel they are ready...everything is computerized...the milker is completely robotic...even to finding their "faucets", if you will....if the milker misses one...the laser beam eventually picks it up!..
the cows have "water beds" to sleep kidding...and they have a place they can go to have a back massage!....i would say these cows are HAPPY COWS!...well...maybe not as happy as those cows in know, the cheese commercial...but they ARE happy cows...i am quite sure of it!

above is Mom and Dad, standing in front of the cow statue...with it's spots- a world map...quite clever, huh? to that pic is Lorene Posegate's(my cousin) grandson, Matthew, sitting atop the world was Matthew who instantly noticed the cow's spots were not just "weird", as i was looking at them in a puzzling way...he immediately said it was a world cow!.....duh........anyway...we were delighted to have Lorene, Matthew and Carollee Smith (a friend from my home church) join us for the day! made the day even BETTER!!!

we also toured the most amazing little farmsite...Lorene's parent's former homesite...the people who own it now were so kind and gracious to give us a tour it was wonderful!!!

this is a picture of my dad...i just happened to look out the deck door...and saw him out there, burning trash at the burn just struck me as an epic moment...he sits in a chair because of his rest while trash is burning...the wheel barrel evidently "hauled" the trash to the barrel and in this pic...obviously has been emptied to the fire within the burn barrel...i wonder how old that rusty old  blackened barrel is??? telling...but i do is probably the same barrel i burned trash in as a child, when it was one of my (many) chores!!!...and btw......singed my hair and bangs one too many times as i would peer into the barrel to see how things were going in there!!!
we had a wonderful time with my appointments and all!  unfortunately Mom and Dad pretty much LIVE at the kind or another...but we are so thankful for their spunk and vitality...sometimes i swear they have more than i do!!!
and the rest is history...HOME!  JAMES!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Iowa Trip (PART ONE)

we had a wonderful, whirlwind of a trip to Iowa that was exactly 15 days long!!! .......honestly, though i am so glad we did it....but 15 days is too long to be gone at one time...unless, as larry said......we were chillaxin around in a wonderful resort........not to belittle the trip, mind is just too long to not be in my own bed!  i am so spoiled!  the older i get, the more i want my OWN bed!!!! wonderful as each and every guest bed we were in...nothing beats MINE! it is also just a little too long to live out of a suitcase...i have trouble with organization as it is...and organization in a suitcase...oh out...pretty scary...i couldn't find anything in there....good thing i could zip it up and get it out of my sight and mind...until i needed it again...which was way too often!!! :)
we started our trip with an overnite stop to visit with our dear friends, Kim and Ray Nemeth and their daughter Elizabeth....we had not seen them in over 12 years....we were great friends when we lived in Pa. and our kidlets were toddlers...we had recently hooked up via the telephone and when they heard we were going to Ia.....they invited us to stop........and we are SO glad we did!  it wasn't long enuf...but oh was a wonderful time...and LAUGH...oh my goodness...i needed those laughs SO much!...well,...let these pictures do the talking for me!
after wiping away tears of laughter, we said our goodbyes and got on the road...
we traveled from there to Bloomfield Iowa, where we were anticipating the reunion of 4 of us Faith Baptist Bible College friends!  Diana Davis was hostessing the event...and needless to say, it was fun-packed, laughing -packed and blessing-packed!...(except for the mouse which case my lungs got their work out THAT day!!!!) thing i love about REAL is easy to be silly...from the start...and if you know me...i guess you know i do silly quite is an example:
and here are the were off shopping!
here is a little water color i did and framed it for the 4 of us:

after leaving Diana's on Monday...on the way to DesMoines...we made an afternoon stop in Pella, Iowa...and oh my !  we were so glad we did!  Pella was always a fave with us and especially at this time of the year when they have their tulip festival!...we were just in time for a grand display of tulips!  it was magnificent!!!  the weather was absolutely perfect and it certainly was a GRAND STOP!!  i begged Larry to let me go thru my most favoritest furniture store in the whole world...and of course he DID...and it did not disappoint...i absolutely LOVE every little thing they do and have in that store!!!  it was beyond what i could have expected!  i asked if i could take pictures and they graciously said OF COURSE!...and so i did...a bit too many to show here...but here are a few...

we had lunch at a favorite coffee shop here:

.. we caught up with computer stuff...
and the BEST stop...DUTCH LETTERS AT JAARSMA BAKERY, oh yeah, BABY!!....yum yum:

we walked thru central park and around the charming little town...we even got to see the puppet show as it played on the town square at the strike of 3:00!!!!  the tulips were gorgeous and i took so many pictures i can't even show all of them!!!...what a day!!!;

from there we traveled to DesMoines and stayed with the Alberhasky' is Joan...entertaining her grandchildren...this is a sign of a good grandma...when she is willing to be  under the table, playing with her grands...and by the way.......i would do the same thing and HAVE!! love making tents and houses in the most of unusual ways!  we had a wonderful time at their house , they entertained us and took care of us in a most magnificent way!  we are so so spoiled by them!!!!!
we then traveled to Forest City to see my parents for the last leg of our journey