Saturday, July 31, 2010

life just happens

hey bloggies...those of you who are left...i know..i have fallen on the job ...not literally..figuratively...i am going thru another one of those.."life happens" time in my/our lives...these kind of days drain me of all energy, creativity and passion...i pray they will leave soon...hey..a good job for Larry would help!  ha!
God knows...and HE is the one and only Solid Rock we have, for sure!!
but because i am feeling "guilty".........i am going to give you some of my paper dolls for you to do what you want with...have for sure might get addicted!  Have a wunnerful weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Living Water PH Test Training by Karina Harris

Please watch this excellent video demonstrating our living water machine...are YOU drinking healthy?...this will make you WANT to!..if you want to learn more about it...please click here, on our personal

try this...why dontcha????

hey! is a tutorial for you!...Amanda has a FAB site and she is just a little cutie pie with all kinds of things up her proverbial sleeve!!!...i just think this is such a great idea...too bad i don't wear chandies!!
she also has about a JILLION free fonts you can download into your font folder and they are so so HAVE to check her entire blog out...but beware...she will keep you busy for hours upon hours upon hours....enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

craft therapy

today i am going to post pics of recent and some not so recent gifts and crafts i have made...i always think about doing a how to tutorial...but never get around to taking pics step by step...that is another..some day....some day....

this is actually a little project i finished today...i started it last week from a similar idea i saw on Etsy..i just fell in heart with it.....and have always been drawn to clothespins!...i think those of you who have kept up with me..already KNOW this little obsession of mine...i love the old fashion plain ones too!...i have two containers full of those from Larry's mother...they are precious to me..i enjoy just displaying them in clear containers...but i would like to do some fun stuff with them too...
i have packaged these litle clothespinnies in a clear , flat package...with a header...actually this is a little baby gift for a sweet new baby girl...what are they for?  i don't know!...anything!...i am thinking baby your imagination tells any ideas? if small magnets were added on the back with glue...they would be great note holders on a magnetic surface or magnet board...which would be cute in a baby room too!...
i painted the clothespins...(that gets a bit tricky, truthfully...but i did find that putting a small skewer in between the clip part...helps keep the painting simpler...after the paint dries i then covered only the top with modpodge...and sprinkled coarse glitter on top...let dry...
then i glued these darling little paper roses on the top...i purchased these...but they can be the little gift tag...i made that one and glittered that too....i have seen many other ideas using clothespins..and am anxious to try more...

here is a birthday card i made for my bff, Diana when we traveled to Iowa in April...the flower on the front is a fabric flower...sooo sooo much fun to do!...lots of glitter and other words...Bling!...

here is the birthday card i did for is a vintage image paper doll that i have collected , and i manipulate it on the computer to the size i want (in an artist program)...and print it off...i then back it with two to three layers of cardstock, with the back piece being something that coordinates with the color combo..i use a scrapbook glue to adhere these this instance i made her clothes out of patterned scrapbook paper...and embellished with trim...she is holding our traditional coupon we give the kids...the second picture is the see i have made a stand she can stand on a table top..

and here are some herb pots i made for some birthday presents...i took a rose pot, purchased at Michael's..and painted with patio paint for endurance...(and the saucer)......i then took blackboard paint and painted a strip to title the seeds in the pot...i also took potting soil and packaged in a strong plastic bag..tying it with a bow..then i tucked the seed packets into the side...SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE!

last, but not least..i have posted one of my first mixed media paintings...the little character is Dotty Jean...after my mom...she is my favorite character of all...i will show you another one some other day!!!...mixed media is a blast...i just wonder why i don't do it more?????????????? is becuz i am divided into too many ways...i want to do a little of everything...and sometimes i don't get anything done...sound familiar???
well...happy crafting peeps...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my seven year old MOM!

here is a picture of my Mom when she was 7 yrs old! was taken in 1937!!!...isn't it so sweet?  i doctored it up a bit on Picnik...her maiden name was Dorothy Jean Krieger...i call her Dotty Jean...(she was called Dot in highschool by her bff's!  :) adorable and vintage is THAT??????????

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday dear U.S. of A !

Happy Fourth!...feel free to copy and paste these vintage images!