Wednesday, June 2, 2010

happy dance

          i say more redneck talk...i DID it!...i got it figured out...i changed my plans slightly and chose this precious aqua background...are you in *heart* with it OR WHAT???...truth be told...i didn't accomplish it with true knowledge of what i am doing...i accomplished it with try try try again and maybe something will work out right...HOWEVER...i did learn ONE thing...but i shan't tell!!!!....i think from now on i can successfully re-decorate whenever i want!!! that is a YEE HAW...for the last time....(maybe)


  1. Oh Wow! This is glorious!!! I was so afraid you were going to be MIA for a long time....yay! I am so proud of you for getting it all fixed! You are so computer savvy Sandi! :o) You go girl!!!

  2. Very nice, but naughty. What did you learn, and why won't you tell the rest of us struggling with this computer stuff. I had a friend send me a new header and I love it. love your wall paper.