Friday, May 21, 2010

twice in a day

here i am...blogging twice in one that is a record!...i just wanted to post some pics of my front door plantings for the season...i like to doc how they start helps me to know how much they know, it records the PROGRESS...or, in most some cases the LACK of progress....i am determined to really "baby" my flowers this summer...i want them to STUN the neighborhood! know...i like to show off  display nature's beauty!
oh!... and my front door...i had a sickly little wreath up there and just HAD to chuck that thing...i sure didn't want to BUY i remembered i had this tin hanger/holder ...but it had seen many a summer's sun and was faded and i found some left over pink spray paint and and sprayed it...then highlighted the embossing with a whitewash....i found greens in my "stash".......and decided to go green...and let the REAL flowers be the show!....i love re-purposing junk treasures!!!


  1. I love your front door, and the walk way. I have to do something with mine.

  2. Sandi,

    The Donna who commented above is my mother. She found your blog when I sent her the link to those cool paper flowers you posted about a while back. I found your blog through comments you'd left on Julie's blog.

    Sharon S. from Madison, PA

  3. thank you anonymous,aka..donna's daughter!...come back soon!

  4. okay...i just realized who you are Sharon S from Madison, Pa!!!.....HI!!!! duh!!!!! ;-)

  5. When I saw your comment earlier, I had a feeling that it hadn't "clicked". After all, you don't usually think of Madison, you think of Darragh. So, glad it's clicked. I love your blog. I passed that post about the paper flowers to several people, and they all loved it.

    Glad you guys had such a good time with Emily and her family, too.