Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iowa trip, part 2

i failed to mention in part 1 that we also visited with our wonderful and dear friends , the Jorgensen's, while in DesMoines...unfortunately i did not have my camera out...thus NO pics...bad me, bad me....AND...i got a couple hours over coffee with Pat Stafford, again...NO pics....i just wasn't thinking blog at the time...but we certainly had wonderful fellowship and enjoyed laughs, as know me...if laughing's not involved...well...just forget it...know what i mean, jelly bean????
so after leaving DM we made the trek to my hometown of Forest City, Iowa!...where Winnebago trailers etc. are made!...i guess that is our town's claim to fame!!!

on our way to FC we see lots of these wind turbines...they dot the countryside along the way, right into my hometown...i love them!

before we left we had received the news of my Mom's brother, Dean Krieger passing i was thankful to be able to be with my mom and family at this time of grief....and it was wonderful to see relatives and friends that perhaps i would not have been able to, otherwise...we know Uncle Dean is with Jesus now, away from pain, sorrow and disease!

Deb and cousins..Uncle Dean's children

Uncle Dean's oldest son, David and my cousin Vance Knutson

it was a military funeral...i think the moment that was the most touching at the gravesite was when the bugle was playing and my cousin Vance saluted...i started crying

we had a busy week with Mom and day we visited a robotic dairy farm!!!  it was amazing! YOU might not think so, if you have had no particular interest in COWS...but i was raised on a dairy farm and Larry was as well...he found it to be a wonderful experience!  below are some of the pictures!...the cows are trained to go to the milking stall when they feel they are ready...everything is computerized...the milker is completely robotic...even to finding their "faucets", if you will....if the milker misses one...the laser beam eventually picks it up!..
the cows have "water beds" to sleep kidding...and they have a place they can go to have a back massage!....i would say these cows are HAPPY COWS!...well...maybe not as happy as those cows in know, the cheese commercial...but they ARE happy cows...i am quite sure of it!

above is Mom and Dad, standing in front of the cow statue...with it's spots- a world map...quite clever, huh? to that pic is Lorene Posegate's(my cousin) grandson, Matthew, sitting atop the world was Matthew who instantly noticed the cow's spots were not just "weird", as i was looking at them in a puzzling way...he immediately said it was a world cow!.....duh........anyway...we were delighted to have Lorene, Matthew and Carollee Smith (a friend from my home church) join us for the day! made the day even BETTER!!!

we also toured the most amazing little farmsite...Lorene's parent's former homesite...the people who own it now were so kind and gracious to give us a tour it was wonderful!!!

this is a picture of my dad...i just happened to look out the deck door...and saw him out there, burning trash at the burn just struck me as an epic moment...he sits in a chair because of his rest while trash is burning...the wheel barrel evidently "hauled" the trash to the barrel and in this pic...obviously has been emptied to the fire within the burn barrel...i wonder how old that rusty old  blackened barrel is??? telling...but i do is probably the same barrel i burned trash in as a child, when it was one of my (many) chores!!!...and btw......singed my hair and bangs one too many times as i would peer into the barrel to see how things were going in there!!!
we had a wonderful time with my appointments and all!  unfortunately Mom and Dad pretty much LIVE at the kind or another...but we are so thankful for their spunk and vitality...sometimes i swear they have more than i do!!!
and the rest is history...HOME!  JAMES!!!

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