Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Iowa Trip (PART ONE)

we had a wonderful, whirlwind of a trip to Iowa that was exactly 15 days long!!! .......honestly, though i am so glad we did it....but 15 days is too long to be gone at one time...unless, as larry said......we were chillaxin around in a wonderful resort........not to belittle the trip, mind is just too long to not be in my own bed!  i am so spoiled!  the older i get, the more i want my OWN bed!!!! wonderful as each and every guest bed we were in...nothing beats MINE! it is also just a little too long to live out of a suitcase...i have trouble with organization as it is...and organization in a suitcase...oh out...pretty scary...i couldn't find anything in there....good thing i could zip it up and get it out of my sight and mind...until i needed it again...which was way too often!!! :)
we started our trip with an overnite stop to visit with our dear friends, Kim and Ray Nemeth and their daughter Elizabeth....we had not seen them in over 12 years....we were great friends when we lived in Pa. and our kidlets were toddlers...we had recently hooked up via the telephone and when they heard we were going to Ia.....they invited us to stop........and we are SO glad we did!  it wasn't long enuf...but oh was a wonderful time...and LAUGH...oh my goodness...i needed those laughs SO much!...well,...let these pictures do the talking for me!
after wiping away tears of laughter, we said our goodbyes and got on the road...
we traveled from there to Bloomfield Iowa, where we were anticipating the reunion of 4 of us Faith Baptist Bible College friends!  Diana Davis was hostessing the event...and needless to say, it was fun-packed, laughing -packed and blessing-packed!...(except for the mouse which case my lungs got their work out THAT day!!!!) thing i love about REAL is easy to be silly...from the start...and if you know me...i guess you know i do silly quite is an example:
and here are the were off shopping!
here is a little water color i did and framed it for the 4 of us:

after leaving Diana's on Monday...on the way to DesMoines...we made an afternoon stop in Pella, Iowa...and oh my !  we were so glad we did!  Pella was always a fave with us and especially at this time of the year when they have their tulip festival!...we were just in time for a grand display of tulips!  it was magnificent!!!  the weather was absolutely perfect and it certainly was a GRAND STOP!!  i begged Larry to let me go thru my most favoritest furniture store in the whole world...and of course he DID...and it did not disappoint...i absolutely LOVE every little thing they do and have in that store!!!  it was beyond what i could have expected!  i asked if i could take pictures and they graciously said OF COURSE!...and so i did...a bit too many to show here...but here are a few...

we had lunch at a favorite coffee shop here:

.. we caught up with computer stuff...
and the BEST stop...DUTCH LETTERS AT JAARSMA BAKERY, oh yeah, BABY!!....yum yum:

we walked thru central park and around the charming little town...we even got to see the puppet show as it played on the town square at the strike of 3:00!!!!  the tulips were gorgeous and i took so many pictures i can't even show all of them!!!...what a day!!!;

from there we traveled to DesMoines and stayed with the Alberhasky' is Joan...entertaining her grandchildren...this is a sign of a good grandma...when she is willing to be  under the table, playing with her grands...and by the way.......i would do the same thing and HAVE!! love making tents and houses in the most of unusual ways!  we had a wonderful time at their house , they entertained us and took care of us in a most magnificent way!  we are so so spoiled by them!!!!!
we then traveled to Forest City to see my parents for the last leg of our journey

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  1. Oh Sandi.....What a glorious vacation!!! You both looked like you were having such a great time! I'm so glad you posted so many pictures.:o) This post was just a pleasure to read. I bet the grandkiddies were glad to have you home, though! :-) Can't wait to see Part 2!!! xo Julie