Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post # 3!

Good Morning Wednesday!

well....really it is almost noon...but, hey, who's keeping track?

i am just so excited about finally getting to blogging again i just want to get # 3 on the books!!!....i really have nothing "important" to say today...yet anyway.

Larry and i took our walk together yesterday and we discovered a wonderful walking trail very close to where we live! i mean, i guess i knew it was there...i just never tried it out...we had been walking down this quite horrid side road, where the scenery is basically a "dump" of old machinery and machinery parts and weeds and overgrown, out of control shrubbery...and quite dreadfully, probably a nesting place for all sorts of little creatures that just make my skin crawl!...that is why i will never walk it alone...all i can think of is little follows a river...which sounds quite lovely...and it would be if it could be cleaned up...but it just conjures up creepy, scary things for me!!! we have actually woke up in the middle of the night to coyotes howling...seriously...i guess they "linger" down by the river...and the neighbors tell "tales" of them creeping up close to our town houses...EEEK!, yes...those are my visions when we walk down that side road... now we have a nice, fresh, not deserted new place to walk! we are envisioning our grandkidlets joining us this summer...with their bikes...they will LOVE it!

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