Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Week!!

Happy Easter!

i have collected many vintage images over the last few years, some are my own from actual documents, most are from the internet from those very generous and wonderful people who put them there free of charge for people like ME, who absolutely LOVES most anything vintage-ey!!!.......i just cannot tell you what vintage does for me...i guess it creates a longing for the simple things in life..or at least what i deem simple...they evoke my childhood many of these images come from the 50's era...and probably earlier...a time where i did not even realize how stressful life can really be and i was not ultimately responsible for my well-being, my parents were...anyhoo...feel free to copy and paste and use whatever i put out here! these are GREAT for mixed media!...OR...why not make a "new" vintage Easter card???

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