Sunday, November 7, 2010

dear blog...i am sorry..i have missed you, have you missed me?

i have missed you dearest blog..i have been quite MIA for some time husband has been "gone" for 2 months..yes, i have been ALONE for two long, lonely months..well, Simba, my very old, rickety doggie has been my constant companion..otherwise , it has been me, the dog and the thin air in this ol' townhouse !  but guess what?  as we speak type...he is on his way home, and is "almost" here..about an hour away!  woo hoo!
now, it isn't what you might think...we have not been seperated, we are not having marriage problems, or anything in between...he has been without a job for almost a year and a half..yeah, i know..NOT's been rough..but the Lord provides..and we haven't missed a meal or not paid a bill we go on, day by day.
but he did get an opportunity to go back to my hometown of Forest City Iowa and work for a farmer to help get the harvest in...and YES, that is where he has been...he loved the chance to operate farm machinery once again and get out in those fields and toil away!  he put in over 80 hrs. per week! they had a record year there in Iowa, with the weather being almost perfect for harvest and they got it done , and now he is coming home!...
well, there is the "update" my blog, my friend, and to those who read it (very few, by now)........while he was gone...i just did not have the gumption to blog..not sure why..i did good ol' Facebook..and that was about it..well..i am reading a a Bible study..and crafting  and artsying away...but hey...i am here NOW, huh?
i have many ideas to blog about..but tonite i am going to start with the one i wanted to get out the most...
one of the projects i did whilst my DH was away..was to help Hannah with a chair.  we were perusing my local Goodwill store (becoming my almost favorite stop by now..wish i had time to tell you why)...and Hannah laid eyes on this:
she has a "good eye" for sure...i was quite skeptical at first...but she persisted...and oh my!  what a find! was clean as a whistle, heavy, sturdy...and had a down filled cushion...this clued us in to the fact it was probably "good" furniture in days gone had wear..but it was "clean wear" we took it to my place and went right to work on it in my "back yard"...
actually, i did most of the "supervising" from an outdoor easy chair...Hannah did the is well on it's did take a drying time and another date in our back yard...then she took it home to finish it...and this is the outcome

above is the finished product!  i am SO proud of Hannah for doing this...since this venture...we have seen other similar chairs and they sell for well over $500.00!!!....what a great deal!  she paid $20.00 for this chair!!!  amazing, huh?  of course there was the cost of materials..but the paint was cheap, the batting was reasonable and she used cotton duck, which is sturdy, but thrifty!...i give her an A+!!!

guess what?  since this..Heidi has bought a bench to be done, Hannah has gotten 2 wingbacks...and they are all waiting to be done...!!!!..and they were all purchased at GW!!...
well, that's it  for now...i have more fun things to share with you...but this will have to be "it" for tonite!


  1. What a fun project!! Looks like Hannah did a great job!!

  2. W-E-L-C-O-M-E BACK!!!!! I for one missed both the blog and YOU!! LOVE the chair!! Fabulous job sweet Hannah!!! Keep Blogging puhleez!!!!