Thursday, April 1, 2010

more vintage!

what a beautiful day it is here in Georgia, today! i would say Spring has definitely "arrived"!! it is supposed to be beautiful on Easter day as well!

on Saturday morning we will have our "annual" family Easter Egg Hunt...this time it will be in Heidi's front and back yard!!! i have most of my eggs ready to go...still have to get a few last minute items today! so pictures will be coming of that event! it usually brings lots of fun and laughter!

Larry and i have been faithfully walking in our newfound walking park....increasing our steps as our endurance increases!...we are now walking at least a mile and a half...and will continue to increase as much as possible!...the only TROUBLE is...everything is blooming and the longer i am outside...the more i suffer from THAT really stinks...i wake up EVERY morning with a headache..not to mention all the other problems associated with allergies...and of course...Georgia is HORRID for allergies...soon we will see bright yellow pollen literally coated on everything..our white car will turn yellowish well as everything else...NO KIDDING...we can only hope for rain when that happens to calm the fiendish stuff down!!

well...enuf chatter for now...again...enjoy the vintage images and please feel free to copy and paste...they are wonderful to have and to use!...oh...and IF you do copy and paste them...would you please leave me a comment??? i would love to hear from you!...Happy Easter!

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  1. Oh Sandi! I could just cry! I did not know you were blogging until tonight! I just happened to read over the last post on my blog and saw your comment....YAY!!!!! You are NEVER far from my thoughts and we are praying for you guys everyday. The new blog is A-DOR-A-BLE! Love, Love it!!! Please keep it up! I am in need of "YOUR" kind of encouragement and I know I will get that while reading your blog!! :o) Miss you, Love you!!!